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It is crucial to have the most up-to-date information on your sector, but in today's fast-paced world, do you have time to consider other factors that may impact on your industry segment? Let PaperChem Report do the work for you!


Trusted Source

PaperChem Report is a trusted source for purchasers and suppliers of paper pigments, starch, latex and specialty paper chemicals.

Market Insights

PaperChem Report provides insights into market dynamics and price movement, corporate activity, investments, new product development and other issues that may impact on a range of raw materials used in paper and board manufacture.

Leading Reference

PaperChem Report is used as a reference by many of the world’s major paper and board manufacturers, as well as suppliers of specialty chemicals to these markets. Much of the content comes from first hand discussions with purchasers and suppliers.

What do you get in the PaperChem Report?

Each subscriber receives 12 monthly electronic reports, covering a range of specialty paper chemicals and pigments, including: 

  • Pigments: kaolin, carbonates, titanium dioxide. 
  • Starch: native/pearl and modified, including monthly price indications for European native corn, wheat and potato starch. 
  • Latex: styrene butadiene and styrene acrylate latex, including monthly price indications for Europe and the US. 
  • Other chemicals: including sizing agents, optical brighteners, polyvinyl alcohol, polymers, barrier solutions, process chemicals, tissue chemicals. 

The reports cover developments in all the major paper and board producing regions, including Europe, North America and Asia.

Who is PaperChem Report?

With over 20 years’ experience in researching the industry and report writing, Cathy Darwent set up PaperChem Report as a limited company in early 2007.

Cathy Darwent - paperchemreport

Cathy Darwent

PaperChem Report

Each month I put together an update of what is happening in the specialty paper chemicals industry as well as corporate activity and new product development. It includes detailed commentary on starch, latex and paper pigments, while drawing attention to other chemicals subject to price movement, corporate activity or new product development. In addition to press releases, the information is assembled from conversations with an extensive network of chemical suppliers and  procurement at paper and board manufacturers.

The reports are designed to be read on-screen, and are distributed as an email attachment at the month-end.

Subscribers who require additional information can also contact me. While I may not have an immediate answer, I often know someone who does.

In these fast changing times, it is crucial to stay up to date with, and indeed ahead of, what is happening, so you can be proactive in negotiations. I have been following the paper chemicals industry for almost two decades of numerous changes and anticipate that the industry will continue to evolve.

The graphic paper segment in the developed countries has gone into steep decline, while much of the new investment has focused on packaging paper and board projects. China has emerged as a significant force in paper and board manufacture, and suppliers are seeking to grow in the fragmented Asian market.

Sustainability is key in a world where resources are finite, and suppliers of specialty paper chemicals are responding to the efforts of their customers to limit environmental impact.

The industry has consolidated and continues to restructure, and the reports track the various mergers and acquisitions that have led to the expansion of dedicated suppliers and disappearance of others. Suppliers experience the growing purchasing power of a customer base that is also consolidating to ensure survival.

The most important objective for a majority of customers is to drive down costs, and the reports highlight the opportunities and challenges that face the paper and board industry and its suppliers.


PaperChem Report is proud to have loyal customers from a variety of industry backgrounds.

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I source price-volatile raw materials so my conversations with Cathy Darwent and reading her PaperChem Report are essential for me to better understand what is on-going in the markets. That’s why we have been subscribing to the PaperChem report for almost 15 years.



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The PaperChem Report is an interesting source of news and latest developments in the paper and board industry.

Ramon Rohe

President of the Association of the Swiss Paper Engineers

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The PaperChem Report provides Solenis employees with up-to-date insights into industry initiatives and provides valuable information on our customers’ future needs.


PaperChem Report Quotes



The PaperChem Report is an informative and very useful monthly reporting tool for our organisation, with clear and thorough analyses done on the various markets.  The report gives us a third party view of the market and provides us with a good market movement indication which helps procurement track their performance.


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Remember this: of all the commodities men trade in, information is the most valuable by far.

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